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Rhonda Wilson

Founder of ExhaleYogi 

Trauma Informed 

Meditation Guide, Power Yoga Teacher (in recovery), and Mindful Living Coach

Thank you for visiting this page and for being a part of this community.

I imagine you've come across this page while looking to learn more about yoga, how to do it, and experience the benefits that come with starting a practice. 

Whether you are starting for the first time or have had an established practice in the past and are now returning to that practice, welcome. 

My goal is to provide you with access to yoga in whatever form supports you most right now. If you prefer access to a yoga video library where you can learn in your own time and pace, please visit my YouTube Channel to support your journey. If you prefer live - in person classes, I offer both pop up community group classes as well as personalized yoga for you, a group, or a team. 


All yoga classes are designed to:

- improve respiration, energy and vitality 

- improve agility and focus 

- improve cardiovascular health

- improve flexibility, strength and endurance

- improve balance 

- build lean muscle

- reduce and prevent injury

- reduce and manage pain

- speed muscle repair

I believe access to this page will have found you at just the right time in your life.

Should you wish you connect with me, please feel free to do so with the link below. 

I look forward to meeting you on the mat. 


Rhonda Wilson

A Trauma Informed

Flow Coach & Artist

Meditation & Yoga Teacher

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