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Rhonda Wilson

Founder of ExhaleYogi 

Trauma Informed Yoga & Meditation Teacher

I imagine you've come across this page looking for ways to feel better in your mind and body.

You are in the right space. 

Here you will find classes that will meet you exactly where you are.


Your practice is about you.

Select a path below to begin.

YouTube Yoga Tutorials

Pop up In Person Group Classes

Personalized Private Yoga


Each yoga experience is designed to help you feel better in your mind and body.

Yoga has personally impacted my life in many ways since attending my very first class in 2005.

From finding relief from debilitating back pain to becoming the strongest and most healthy version of myself to helping me pick up the shattered pieces of myself through great hardships and challenges. 

I can honestly say yoga has saved my life on more than one occasion.


It is a great joy and privilege to share this practice with you as it has been a joy to teach so many others since 2014. 

Whatever your why for being here, know you are seen, you are witnessed, you are acknowledged, and you are heard. 

Let's practice together. 


Rhonda Wilson

A Trauma Informed

Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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