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Discover what it means to move your body with ease, to be more present, and find your breath again.

Let's practice together.


Every day we feel differently in our bodies. Yoga meets us exactly where we need to be met each and every time.

In all classes you will be guided through movements of your body based on your abliites with a focus on your breath.

Class experiences can range from restorative and restful to dynamic and powerful.

Beginner Yoga

Whether you are new to yoga or are returning to your practice after a break, Rhonda's classes are inviting, encouraging, and provide a space where all feel comfortable, supported, and at ease.


All classes are taught using clear and simple directions making classes accessible for all levels of practice. 


The most popular beginner stye of yoga Rhonda teaches is Restorative Slow Flow Yoga.

Classes are available on YouTube, Zoom, and also available as in person private bookings

Benefits include:

Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Calming Energy, Balanced Energy, Increased Energy, Rest & Recovery, Flexibility & Mobility, Strength & Balance​


Intermediate Yoga

Rhonda works with her students so there is progression in their practice. If you start with slow flow yoga, over time, you will build strength, stamina, flexibility, and mobility.


Intermediate Yoga is for practitioners who are ready for a little extra physical challenge and are ready to explore a wide range of poses and techniques.


With time and Rhonda's guidance, you will explore new edges of your practice.​


Benefits include:

Stress Relief, Balanced Energy, Calming Energy, Mental Clarity & Focus, Flexibility & Mobility, Strength & Endurance. 

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"Yoga is the artwork of awareness on the canvas of the body, mind, and soul" - Amit Ray


Rhonda is hands down the best and most inspiring yoga teacher I have experienced. She is an incredible combination of knowledge, energy, encouragement, kindness, friendliness and supportiveness and she truly cares about all of her students. It doesn't matter your age, shape, size, level of strength and fitness, experience, etc, Rhonda makes every student feel so welcome and like the most important one in her class. She has an amazing ability to teach to the varied levels of ability and experience of her students so someone who is brand new to yoga gets the same benefit and challenge from her class that an expert at yoga would get. Every class is different and very interesting, yet also builds upon previous ones and keeps the level of challenge high for everyone. Rhonda focuses on all of her students and throughout the class is walking around gently correcting as needed and encouraging her students collectively and individually to push themselves to go further than they think they can. Rhonda's classes feel like a true community to everyone, there is laughter, some pain (in a good way), lots of smiling and sharing in success and accomplishment all thanks to Rhonda. I walk out of every class feeling so much better physically, mentally and emotionally than when I entered.

David Roe

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